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Lynda Emmett "Pinnacle" Success

Mary Collins interviewed Lynda Emmett who talks about her own experiences with addiction and lack of direction before starting her journey as a therapist and keynote speaker.

  • Video Interview HERE

  • Audio Interview HERE

Lynda Emmett is a Registered Life Executive & Neuroscience Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformation Therapist & Meditation teacher.

Lynda and the revered hypnotist Freddy Jacquin will be speaking and teaching at an upcoming event, in January this year. The event "Pinnacle Performance Program" will be held at the Fitzpatrick Castle in County Dublin, Ireland.

The program focuses on mastering the tools & techniques you need to become the best at what you do, with the confidence you deserve.

As a native of Ireland it has been a step in the right direction for her after experiencing so many of her own life's trials and tribulations.

In her own words;

Having lived a life ravaged with stress anxiety, addictions & self harm 10 years ago I finally reached a point in my own life that I realised I could not continue to live like that I made some massive & at the time scary changes, & so my learning journey began.
On the outside I was a strong confident high achieving single mother with a great job & a huge circle of friends, on the inside I could never escape myself no matter how many ways I tried & I was person I wanted to escape. Looking back I was so afraid of my own emotions & who I might find out I was if I looked. I sought all value worth & happiness in what I did for others or the many roles I played.
I had a relentless inner judge or sometimes victim & I was weighed down with a huge amount of shame I tried burying all this with many things like alcohol, smokes bulimia, anxiety & self harm. It is true my many amazing mentors & teachers I have learned that happiness is an inside job & it is our relationship with ourselves that is the most important one!
I am very happy to say today I live a completely different life in so many ways & I have the privilege of working with others to release themselves from all their emotion burdens & baggage. I do this though 1-2-1's, group sessions, workshops, retreats & my podcast. Behind it all the main thing we all want is to feel happier, we are just not sure how & that is the amazing piece I get to be apart of.
Our purpose in life is not about becoming anything more, it is about unbecoming all the behaviours stopping us from shining as who we are.

Pinnacle Performance Workshops

Date 28th & 29th January

Venue Fitz Patrick Castle Hotel Dublin

Special Discount : HERE

Some highlights will be:

  • Learn hypnotherapy techniques, now taught at the UK College of Medicine, for pain

stress and anxiety. These techniques take 10- 15 minutes and can be used on almost any


  • Harness the power of your subconscious mind & become your own guru.

 Accelerate your success across all aspects of your life.

To book and more information about the event: HERE

More Information about Lynda

More information about Freddy Jacquin


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