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Scott Burnstein Talks about "White Boy", The Original Gangster Podcast & More!

Scott Burnstein is a Lawyer, Journalist, Author, Historian, and "Organised Crime" Expert.

Scott can also add successful Producer to his resume having produced three documentaries and assisted as a technical script consultant, in the making of the movie starring Matthew McConaughey White Boy Rick.

Over the past 10 years, Burnstein has been featured on various local and national television shows (including multiple episodes of the History Channel’s ‘Gangland’ series and Bio Channel’s Gangster: America’s Most Evil series), radio shows (BBC, CBC & NPR’s “Fresh Air” and “All Things Considered”), films & TV docuseries discussing a variety of topics related to organized crime in North America, both past and present.
The documentaries he’s produced include the critically-acclaimed White Boy (2017), Detroit Mob Confidential (2009) and Rollin: The Fall Of The American Automotive Industry & the Rise Of The Drug Economy (2011). White Boy is currently running on the Starz network and is available on Netflix.

Interview Video HERE

Interview Audio HERE

His published works include:

2018’s White Boy Rick & The Detroit Drug World of The 1980s (Camino)

2015’s The Hit List – A region-by-region ranking of North America’s biggest mob hits of all-time (Camino)

2013’s Mafia Prince – An Inside Look At America’s Most Violent Mafia Family and The Story of Philadelphia Mob Underboss Crazy Phil Leonetti (The Running Press)

2012’s The Detroit True Crime ChroniclesStories of Murder & Mayhem In The Motor City (Camino)

2010’s Family Affair – Greed, Treachery & Betrayal In The Chicago Mafia (Penguin-Berkley)

2007’s Motor City Mafia – A Century of Organized Crime In The City Of Detroit (Arcadia)

More information about Scott Burnstein;

Amazon Books: Scott Burnstein


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