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The Christmas Tree By Charles Dickens

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Charles Dickens is well known for many of his stories including his most famous "A Christmas Carol", played on television almost every year, around the world and re-made with different actors and interpretive styles every now and again.

Here on LifeHakx we have decided that a partial reading of The Christmas Tree would be perfect this year "2020" as it has an eerie similarity, in imagery, to the present (I refer to the imagery Dickens uses to describe his feelings about "the mask"). Dickens's words carry us through the many images and meanings of Christmas and what attributed to his feelings of this special time of year.

To fully appreciate this wonderful story I encourage you to take a moment to read the whole story out yourself or search for the full audio adaptation. And now, read by myself are parts or trinkets of his story, very much like the baubles of the Christmas tree, may it bring you a glimpse of Christmas past and reflection of Christmas future.

Listen to the story segment here


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