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Zoo Basel Welcomes Black-and-Rufous Sengis !

When you see the tiny little creature with a funny, elephant like nose, you would think its more like a mouse or another kind of rodent but apparently it is related to an elephant?!

"The red-shouldered elephant dog" ( Rhynchocyon petersi ), also known as the lack-and-rufous sengi, is a species of mammal from the family of elephants (Macroscelididae). It is distributed in a narrowly limited range on the coast of East Africa and some offshore islands and inhabits forest landscapes of the coastal regions and the mountainous region. Characteristic is the trunk-like elongated nose and the short front and long rear legs. Little is known about the way of life of the species. It lives on the ground as a nimble runner and feeds mainly on insects ."

Mary Collins from LifeHakx Media interviewed zookeeper Fabian Schmidt who told us all about themale black-and-rufous sengi which has moved into the Tembea house, where the elephants also live. Alongside Basel Zoo, only twelve other zoos worldwide are home to this unusual species!

Audio Interview HERE

VIdeo Interview HERE

"The black-and-rufous sengi born in November 2020 has a long, thin body like an antelope, a long, rat-like tail, and a long, trunk-shaped nose. Black-and-rufous sengis are rare in zoos, making it even more exciting that this young male was able to move to Basel Zoo from Rotterdam Zoo.

Black-and-rufous sengis are rather shy, which is why the terrarium windows are currently still covered in paper in some places. This is to allow the animal to gradually get used to its new home. Earthworms, locusts, crickets and other insects will all be on the menu for the black-and-rufous sengi at Basel Zoo. The insects are bred at Basel Zoo specifically as animal feed."

For more information about this and other animals, events and programs with the zoo, please check the Zoo Basel website : also found HERE

Here are some fabulous moments caught on camera by Mary Collins while at Zoo Basel!


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