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Part 3 - UK Food and animal standards in danger

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

LifeHakx - UK food and animal standards in danger

By Eva Wisenbeck 23/11/2020

Conspiracy Theory vs Critical Thinking

UK food and animal standards in danger

Agri(cultural) Bill – UK

The government says it backs high food standards but does not want to include such guarantees in the Agriculture Bill. They also argue that MPs will get a say when any post-Brexit regulations in trade deals come before Parliament.

Labour's shadow environment minister Lord Grantchester said protections for the UK's high food standards need to be included in the Agriculture Bill. Speaking during a debate on the bill, he told the Lords: "Future standards can be changed through technical statutory orders. We seek to put in primary legislation what the government has claimed is in the Withdrawal Act (…to protect current standards)."

Independent crossbencher Lord Curry of Kirkharle said: "The fear of cheap imported food undermining our standards of production as a result of trade deals that have not been adequately scrutinised has united all key stakeholders from the entire farming community."

So what does all this mean?

Well, we do not know yet… No significant new trade deals post-Brexit has yet been announced. We know the new Agricultural Bill does not guarantee our current food and animal welfare standards. Some of it comes down to both how cynical you are of the current government and how much faith you put in their promises.

I will add that as late as last Tuesday The Lords again pushed back the government. Peers rejected government efforts to “shackle” devolved administrations to England’s food and animal welfare standards. By 367 to 209, the Lords voted down an amendment which would force nations (Scotland, Wales…) to accept food from all parts of the UK, even if they do not meet local standards.

Watch this space! And I do genuinely mean, please, watch this space and get involved!

You can listen to the podcast episode here:


BBC “Agriculture Bill: Lords win vote to protect post-Brexit standards”

The Guardian “It's not just chlorinated chicken: five foods a US trade deal could bring to the UK”

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