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Life In Space Exhibition Basel

Updated: Apr 30

Now is your chance to experience an out of this world experience with the "Life In Space" exhibition. Learn about the history of space travel, try out flight simulations and walk virtually through the space station! I have also added a fun augmented reality experience which you scan to place one of the exhibitions anywhere! Check this out at the end of the page.

Life in Space presents the history of space travel from its beginnings to today. Nearly 100 unique exhibits provide a glimpse into the history of human engagement in space: parts and models of satellites, replicas of the Apollo capsule, astronaut suits and accessories, the moon rocks - you can even immerse yourself in an interactive space camp!
As a child, was it your absolute dream to become an astronaut? Here you can actually be one for a short time! Thanks to the simulators, visitors can control spaceships, explore space and space stations. A truly... otherworldly experience!

Below are some photos I took of just a few of the great experiences you can have while visiting the Life in Space exhibit.


Below is an #augmentedreality of one of the exhibits which you can scan (currently with Iphone 11+) and place anywhere! Try it and post a pic of where you placed it and don't forget to tag LifeHakx  on FB or and Life In Space Basel on Instagram.

You can also click on the link here with your phone ! LINK HERE

Augmented Reality Creation: Mary Collins

For more information about Augmented Reality Experiences contact LifeHakx :


Meet The Team


Eva Wisenbeck

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Eva Wisenbeck is a Co-Presenter of LifeHakx & a Wellness Coach

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Mary Collins

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Mary Collins is the Creator and Presenter of LifeHakx Media.

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