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Daniel's Lockdown Kitchen Staples

It is amazing how well we can eat with just a few kitchen staples for me these definitely must include bread and pasta. Both of which are increasingly hard to come by due to the current hoarding during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is why I have developed these staple recipes for a quick pasta that doesn't require any machine to make or any fancy flour. Even though this is a basic pasta recipe it tastes much better than any shop-bought pasta.

Check out this quick instructional video below. For full recipe & printable version click here.

Another, must in my home at any time is good bread. This recipe has averted many a bread crisis for me. This no-knead bread is super easy to make it just requires a little stirring, it doesn't require kneading and unlike most no-knead breads this one doesn't require a long time prove. This is thanks to both that it is proved in parchment paper so that it can be transferred to the oven without knocking the air out and also the cooking method. It is cooked in a hot casserole pot/dutch oven for the first half which allows the bread to form a great crust then it cooks uncovered to develop the crust further and gets its most appetizing golden bronze, Full recipe and printable version here. Please give a thumbs up and subscribe.


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