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Excess Mortality - John O'Looney, a Funeral Director's View

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

LifeHakx - Excess Mortality

By Eva Wisenbeck 29/07/2022

LifeHakx presenters, Mary Collins and Eva Wisenbeck talk with John O'Looney.

John is an experienced family funeral director from Milton Keynes, England, he shares with us his observations during the Covid pandemic and also what other's in his worldwide network of colleagues have seen too. What John wants, which is what LifeHakx wants, is for questions to be asked and for open debate to be had.

We all wish for nothing more than to be wrong about our concerns of the potential consequences from lack of long term data and studies.

Listen to the audio here.

Watch the video here.

I have done my utmost to share "mainstream sources" or sources from "mainstream platforms", sadly with the ever increasing censorship, of anyone including Harvard and Stanford professors (Jay Bhattacharya current, and Martin Kulldorff, past, as examples), and many articles and research papers being taken down retrospectively if they have the potential to raise questions, it is all making it rather more difficult.

To add the human aspect, and personal cost, I will add this from Dr Malcom Kendrick - "Vaccination – silencing doctors in the UK" - as a mere example. Many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US went far harder and faster on silencing medical professionals - as yes, still are today, in fact as Mary and I have discussed on previous episodes, many laws and bills are now going through to make so called "mis/dis-information" illegal, of course without any definitions, and being decided on a political/commercial whim at a time of their liking.

Please find below a selection of sources supporting and clarifying our chat with the very kind, caring and courageous Mr John O'Looney.

Why are young people dying?

The answer is, we don't know. The curiosity is that no one seems to be asking the question.

There are hypothesis around lockdown damage, pharmaceutical harm, etc.

Is this of concern? That is for you to decide. For me it certainly warrants public debate and honesty and transparency.

Without open, non-censored, debate we will never know and therefore not be able to learn lessons and inform future policies.

That is of course the rather cold business end of this, there is also a huge trauma and gaslighting side that deserves recognition and to be handled with respect.


Why is Overall Excess Mortality Up?

England & Wales

Dr John Campbell - July 2022 - Non covid excess deaths

"16% more people dying than what we would expect this week. If you take into account the 5 years before 2020 the deaths are even higher at 16.6% excess and 18.2% excess in Wales. Too many to be a statistical artifact and above the five year average. Most of them are occurring at home, 31.5% are at home deaths far above average than we would expect and most of this is not attributable to covid."


  • We estimate total excess mortality (including COVID-19 mortality) for the first two months of 2022 at 15% (+4,000 deaths), relative to expected mortality at pre-pandemic levels.

  • This is consistent with our previously estimated excess mortality of 10% (+2,500) due to COVID-19 alone for these two months and an additional 5% (+1,500) for the remaining causes of death.

  • While deaths from respiratory disease are a little lower than predicted and cancer deaths are as predicted, all other causes of death have experienced substantially more deaths than expected in the first two months of 2022.

  • The Australian Bureau of Statistic’s (ABS) estimate of excess mortality for the first two months of 2022 (23%) is higher than ours. This is largely because the ABS predicted values for 2022 incorporate the lower-than-expected mortality in 2020 due to pandemic-related lower respiratory illness.

  • We estimate that COVID-19 deaths alone will result in excess mortality of around 6% (+2,500) for the months of March to May 2022.

For context in Australia:

  • In December 2021 the country had vaccinated 90% of the population aged 16 and over, and begun the rollout of boosters.


Professor Ennos has written to Siobhian Brown MSP, convener of the Scottish government’s covid-19 recovery committee, calling on her to re-open a public inquiry into the deaths which can only be partially explained by the virus.

Earlier this year, the committee investigated the cause of an unprecedented level of excess death recorded in Scotland from week 21 to week 52 of 2021.

Numbering 4,819, it was 12% above the average – the worst ever recorded.

Professor Ennos concludes: ‘The National Records of Scotland data do not support the statement you made to Humza Yousaf on April 28, 2022 that “the excess deaths have decreased and, at the date of this letter, are below average for the time of year”.

‘On the contrary the excess death situation in Scotland in 2022 is turning out to be as serious as it was in 2021.


Great data rundown by Ivor Cummins on Covid deaths and Excess Mortality in Ireland.

Canada, Alberta

Jessica Rose - What's the leading cause of death in Alberta in 2021?

It's not COVID. The number one cause of death listed in Alberta for 2021 was:

“Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”

Not malignant neoplasms, not heart disease, not COVID-19: some ‘unknown’ cause.

Mark Steyn [GB News] did a good episode recently that you can watch here. In this episode, he covers the leading cause of death in Alberta, Canada. I had to check this out. I headed over to to see if I could download the data and plot it for myself. I could, and sure enough, Mark was correct.

A few more facts:

  • There was no category entitled “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality” previous to 2019.

  • The number 1 cause of death up until 2021 was ischemic heart disease and organic dementia (for the past 20 years).

  • The top 10 ranked leading causes of death in 2021 in Alberta show that Organic dementia has been ousted for this mystery death syndrome and that our mystery cause of death outranks it substantially: there is a 57% increase in death reports from mystery plate cause of death.

Canada, New Brunswick

A mysterious spike in "excess" deaths in New Brunswick that began last summer as the COVID-19 Delta variant began spreading in the province saw 636 more deaths than normal over a 20-week period, according to new estimates.

That is an apparent mismatch with the 79 COVID deaths New Brunswick reported during the 20 weeks.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told the legislature she does not know why deaths jumped so high, but said she doubts it was caused by undetected COVID cases.

"I cannot explain those numbers at this actual moment, but the department has been asked to look at it, and it will do so as we progress through our evaluations," she said.

In a noticeable change in tone Friday, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told the legislature she is concerned about unexplained high death counts in the province in the second half of 2021 and will attempt to get to the bottom of what happened.

It is a death rate 23.9 per cent above normal, the highest rate of "excess mortality" among provinces over that period, ahead of other high rates posted by British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

"I think that everybody wants to know," said Shephard under questioning from interim Liberal Leader Roger Melanson.

Melanson was asking about an updated Statistics Canada report Thursday showing an estimated 4,599 people died in the province during the final 25 weeks of 2021, 886 more than long-term averages for that time of year after adjusting for population growth and aging.

Spain - Using preliminary end of July data

Insurance Company Trends and Payouts

Here we reach the point of, please keep an open mind and don't shut it down by shouting "tinfoil". Many sources have at this point been removed, in fact several employees including CEOs have been "removed", and other sources can't be access due to geography.

Twitter - 2:20 minute video - OneAmerica Life Insurance CEO Scott Davison explains to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce what his industry is seeing in terms of alarming death rates, and what the impact will be to employers

I will share this Substack as an introduction, do not focus on the numbers as such, look at the trends, look at what questions this could, and indeed should, raise.

S&P Global Market Intelligence - US death-benefit payouts hit record high in 2021:

While the Omicron variant, which was dominant during the fourth quarter of 2021, generally caused less severe cases of COVID-19, many U.S. life insurers still reported significantly high mortality levels in the period.

U.S. regulatory data shows net death benefits in the fourth quarter of 2021 were up 5.6% from the year-ago period. That is a striking figure given that the fourth quarter of 2020 saw net death benefits increase 28.8% from the same quarter a year earlier.

Credit Suisse analyst Andrew Kligerman listed Reinsurance Group of America Inc. and Lincoln National Corp. as having withstood some particularly challenging mortality losses.

  • Lincoln too saw a spike in claims related to U.S. COVID-19 deaths in the quarter, also experiencing some unfavorable mortality unrelated to COVID-19.

  • Unum Group similarly posted elevated mortality in its group life business for the fourth quarter of 2021, reporting that its results were "significantly impacted" by COVID-19 claims.

  • Sun Life Financial Inc. reported "significantly higher-than-expected mortality" related to COVID-19 among the U.S. working age population during the period, while The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. not only experienced elevated excess mortality but also higher short-term and long-term disability claims.

S&P Global Market Intelligence - Mortality trends again to take center stage on life insurers' earnings dockets:

Elevated mortality is expected to plague life insurers' earnings once again, especially for group life, which handles most of the policies written for the younger, working-age cohort of the population.

Several life insurers reported higher severity and mortality driven primarily by deaths in the working-age group in the third quarter of 2021 as the delta variant of the coronavirus became prominent in the U.S. Although omicron, a seemingly less potent variant, is now dominant in the U.S., the tail-end impacts from delta and the lag that can occur with reporting may make mortality in the fourth quarter of 2021 worse than the prior period, according to Piper Sandler analyst John Barnidge.

Further context here:

Even the "factcheckers" PolitiFact confirms the increase:

Meeting with Parliamentary Member Conservative Sir Graham Brady

A private meeting was held between British MP Sir Graham Brady and several experts from various fields ranging from science, medical, police, and John O'Looney representing as a Funeral Director. The meeting was held under off-record Chatham House rules so no reports or details have been made public. I am sharing this more to back up that yes this did take place. Here is a short video from John about the meeting.

Mainstream Media coverage:

  • The Independent - Senior Tory MP Sir Graham Brady ‘met with anti-vaxxers’

  • The Times - Covid antivaxers ‘met senior Conservative MP’ Sir Graham Brady

  • Manchester Evening News - 'Do we really want to live in a country where ministers direct all our lives?' Sir Graham Brady on Covid, SAGE, and PM Boris Johnson

Autopsies and the Pandemic, and Blood Clots

By the end of April 2020 approximately 150,000 people had died, yet there were only 16 autopsies performed and reported in the medical literature. Among these, only seven were complete autopsies, the remaining 9 being partial or by needle biopsy or incisional biopsy.

Only after 170,000 deaths by covid-19 and four months into the pandemic were the first series of autopsies actually done, that is, more than ten.

And only after 280,000 deaths and another month, were the first large series of autopsies performed, some 80 in number. Sperhake, in a call for autopsies to be done without question, noted that the first full autopsy reported in the literature along with photomicrographs appeared in a medico-legal journal from China in February 2020. Sperhake expressed confusion as to why there was a reluctance to perform autopsies during the crisis, but he knew it was not coming from the pathologists. The medical literature was littered with appeals by pathologists for more autopsies to be performed. Sperhake further noted that the Robert Koch Institute (the German health monitoring system) at least initially advised against doing autopsies. He also knew that at the time 200 participating autopsy institutions in the United States had done at least 225 autopsies among 14 states.

Some have claimed that this dearth of autopsies was based on the government’s fear of infection among the pathologists, but a study of 225 autopsies on covid-19 cases demonstrated only one case of infection among the pathologist and this was concluded to have been an infection contracted elsewhere. Guerriero ends his article calling for more autopsies with this observation: “Shoulder to shoulder, clinical and forensic pathologists overcame the obstructions of autopsy studies in covid-19 victims and hereby generated valuable knowledge on the pathophysiology of the interaction between the SARS-CoV-2 and the human body, thus contributing to our understanding of the disease.”

Germany - August 2021 - The director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who died within two weeks of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine and has expressed alarm over his findings.

Schirmacher stated that 30 to 40 per cent of people he examined died from the vaccine and that in his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is “underestimated.”

Following his findings, Schirmacher has called for more autopsies of vaccinated people to further determine whether the vaccines are linked to deaths. He has warned that the high number of unreported cases of vaccination deaths is partially due to the fact that “pathologists do not notice anything about most of the patients who die after and possible from a vaccination.”

Despite raising the alarm surrounding the vaccines, many have criticised Schirmacher’s conclusions, with the Paul Ehrlich Institute calling the director’s statements “incomprehensible.” The Chancellor’s lackey, senior German immunologist Thomas Mertens dismissed the findings right away: “I don’t know of any data that would allow a justifiable statement to be made here and I am not assuming an unreported number.”

Despite the criticism, Schirmacher did receive support from his own ranks, and the Federal Association of German Pathologists stated that more autopsies of vaccinated people who died within a certain time frame after vaccination should be performed.

In response to critics, Schirmacher denied a lack of competence, stating: “The colleagues are definitely wrong because they cannot assess this specific question competently.” Additionally, the director said that he is not trying to fearmonger and is not opposed to vaccinations, as he himself has received the jab.

Germany - May 2021 - Prof. Arne Burkhardt: Autopsies: Evidence for Jab Related Harm and Death

A pathologist with more than 40 years diagnostic and teaching experience at the Universities of Hamburg, Bern, and Täbingen. He is the author of more than 150 original publications in international journals, currently engaged in autopsy studies of persons dying after taking the Covid vaccine.

These are the most relevant data on our study. We have eight cooperating pathologists, physicians, biologists, and they are internationally from Germany and other European countries, and also some outside of Europe.

By now we have 30 autopsies and three biopsies from vaccinated persons. 15 cases have been evaluated in the step one that has reached Routine Histology. Three cases are in step two Advanced Methods. I will explain what I mean by this.

Our follow up gave very probable correlation with the vaccination in five cases. Probable in seven. Unclear/ possible in two and no connections with only minimal changes we saw in one case.

What were the organs where we saw lesions? The target organs and the main lesions in her space, Vascular Lesions. Not only to the small vessels, the Endothelium, but also to be vessel walls to the muscular and elastic wall components.

In five cases we found unidentified intervascular material that might stem from the vaccination material. Then spleen and lymph nodes had changes. Heart, lung brain, and finally a phenomenon that we call Lymphocyte Amok. That means that we’ve found applications and nodular infiltration of lymphatic tissues and organs and tissues that are non glymphatic.

US - Board-certified funeral director and embalmer, Richard Hirschman

Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer, has been finding “strange clots” in the bodies of the deceased since the rollout of COVID-19 shots. Hirschman describes, and has photographed, unnatural, fibrous clots that are filling vessels and veins, making it difficult for embalming to occur; his colleagues have had similar experiences finding the fibrous clots. Many of those affected were said to have died from a heart attack or stroke since November, Hirschman states that more than 50% of the bodies he embalms are affected by the strange clots.

Tweet - Video 4 minute subset of above 53 minute interview with Steve Kirsch - Alabama embalmer Richard Hirschman describes the size of the clots and quality of the blood he is seeing in bodies since January 2021.

Steve Kirsch - Video 1 hour - Embalmer Anna Foster, with 11 years of experience in Carrollton, MO. She speaks out for the first time in this exclusive interview. The big news is that she found the unusual clots in 93% of the last 30 people who she embalmed. The clots are only associated with people who have been vaccinated. They were only observed after the vaccines rolled out.

Steve Kirsch - Substack - My offer to share videos and blood clot tissue samples from multiple embalmers with the CDC and FDA

  • A handful of embalmers claim they started noticing strange blood clots in bodies after the COVID-19 pandemic began, with some attributing it to the vaccine.

  • The National Funeral Directors Association said embalmers in its network have noticed an uptick in blood clots in COVID-related deaths; however, it has been among the unvaccinated and vaccinated.

  • This anomaly may be the result of the coronavirus itself, since the infection can cause blood vessel inflammation, damage to very small vessels, and blood clots.

SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

SADS is an “umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people,” the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said, noting "most deaths occur in people under 40, SADS comes into play when no obvious cause of death can be found.”

Mainstream media is at the moment rather at a loss and no real research has been performed.

Now I don't know about you, I find the addendum at the top of this article most interesting and rather pointed and one-sided. How come there can't be a discussion? How come there certainly under no circumstances could ever be a causation with new Emergency Use Authorised pharmaceuticals? Calling a new syndrome (aka medical issues without a way of diagnosis bar from exclusion) Arrhythmia or Adult seems like wordplay, if they know it's caused by Arrhythmia, what is causing it, and why is there such an uptick in these deaths?

Midazolam for Covid vs End of Life Care

As I have most data for England I will start there, sadly though we know that other countries like France, Canada, and I am sure more, have used similar drugs to excess early on in the pandemic - what we do not know is why - that is the question that needs asking and answering.

Firstly, what is Midazolam?

NIH - MedLine Plus - Why is this medication prescribed?

Midazolam injection is used before medical procedures and surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event. It is also sometimes given as part of the anesthesia during surgery to produce a loss of consciousness.

Midazolam injection is also used to cause a state of decreased consciousness in seriously ill people in intensive care units (ICU) who are breathing with the help of a machine. Midazolam injection is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow relaxation and decreased consciousness.


Midazolam injection may cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporarily stopped breathing that may lead to permanent brain injury or death. You should only receive this medication in a hospital or doctor's office that has the equipment that is needed to monitor your heart and lungs and to provide life-saving medical treatment quickly if your breathing slows or stops.


The UK government ordered two years’ worth of midazolam in March 2020. They already had a year’s supply but they ordered two years’ supply in addition to that. And, in October 2020 there was no midazolam left, states UK lawyer Clare Wills Harrison

What’s interesting about the period between March and October 2020, when huge amounts of midazolam were dispensed, is where it was dispensed to, Wills Harrison said, and we can prove where it was dispensed to. “In the main, it was dispensed into the community. It went into care homes; it went into people’s own homes; and, it went into hospices.”

Between 2 March and 12 June 2020, 18,562 residents of care homes in England died with COVID-19, including 18,168 people aged 65 and over, representing almost 40% of all deaths involving COVID-19 in England during this period.

Of these deaths, 13,844 (76%) happened in care homes themselves; nearly all of the remainder occurred in a hospital. During the same period, 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England, representing a 46% increase compared with the same period in previous years.

A number of decisions and policies adopted by authorities at the national and local level in the UK violated care home residents rights to life, to health, and to non-discrimination. These include, notably:

  • Mass discharges from hospital into care homes.

  • Imposition of blanket Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders on residents of many care homes around the country and restrictions on residents’ access to hospital.

  • Suspension of regular oversight procedures for care homes by the statutory regulating body, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

“Retired neurologist Professor Patrick Pullicino, who was instrumental in raising concerns a decade ago that the Liverpool Care Pathway [end of life care] was bringing forward patients’ deaths, believes the jump indicated something similar had happened. He said: ‘Midazolam depresses respiration and it hastens death. It changes end-of-life care into euthanasia’.”

Talking through the graph below Wills Harrison said: “You can see that massive spike in April 2020. That matches our so-called ‘first wave’ in the UK. Out of hospital prescribing in that month for midazolam increased by more than 100%.”

Documentary Trailer - We need to talk about euthanasia | A Good Death?

December 2021, in a new and original feature film, we talk to the relatives of the victims of end of life protocols. Is euthanasia becoming common place in our health care industry?

"We speak to Freelance Investigative Journalist Jacqui Deevoy, Health Scientist Dr Kevin Corbett Phd, Retired Nurse Celia Jones who is a witness and widow to Brian Boulton, Practising Nurse Elena Anamaria who is a witness and widow to Stuart Nisbet and Medical Researcher Stuart Wilkie."

Hope - Speaking Up and Asking Questions!

Speaking up is when you communicate publicly, assertively, and honestly with empathy and care for the rights and needs of yourself and others. It is at the root of all social change.

Five reasons why despite any perceived risk, standing up and saying your peace is best:

  1. Silence is deemed approval. You may think that staying silent keeps you from being involved in any conflict, but quite the opposite. Silence is as much an active form of communication as talking.

  2. The greater good should be the priority. By staying silent, you may be harming the very people you hope to help. The worst case scenario if you speak up is that someone may disagree, but at least the issue is at the forefront and an active decision can be made. The best case scenario is that everyone benefits and you are hailed as a powerful leader.

  3. Demonstrate you are invested. Speaking up is an important form of honesty. Honesty actually builds trust, especially when combined with tact and empathy. Demonstrate that you will be truthful with people, that you care about them.

  4. No one else may know. You can't assume the obvious is obvious. If you wait around for people to notice or read your mind, you will likely end up on many paths that are not of your own choosing. Gather up your confidence and share.

  5. You may not be alone in your thinking. Others may share your thoughts and opinions, but may be also unwilling to speak up. By speaking your mind you encourage them to voice their opinions as well. If everyone holds back, the bus may silently head over a cliff. We should sooner celebrate somebody saying something irrelevant and unimportant than lose ground or have massive failure due to group silence.

See Mass Formation - short 3 minute interview on GB News with Mattias Desmet around our ethical duty to speak up and have conversations.

And I want to finish by sharing a favourite doctor of mine, an incredibly brave and ethical, and witty, Scottish doctor, Malcom Kendrick, and his thoughts on our current "Do Something" medical strategy -

OODA stands for. ‘Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.’

Defined as ‘a practical concept designed to function as the foundation of rational thinking in confusing or chaotic situation’.

It was developed by the Air Force Colonel, John Boyd.

What John Boyd taught was simple. If you don’t know what is going on, do not make immediate decisions. First, work out what is happening, then orientate yourself – before you decide what to do. That way you avoid most, if not all, stupid mistakes. For many years, without knowing anything of OODA my own medical strategy has tended towards ‘don’t just do something, stand there.’

Unfortunately, the medical profession has always battled ferociously against doing nothing. It has always greatly favoured the ‘You must do something, anything, I don’t care what it is so long as it sounds like a good idea. Chaaarge!’ Strategy.

This, the ‘do something strategy’, has always proven far more seductive, and almost always wins. It is easier to attract followers to do something, than to than to do nothing. Why not whack a hole in the skull and split the brain apart to cure various mental diseases? Why not… indeed. Ah yes, the good old pre-frontal lobotomy.

A.N.Other doctor: ‘If you do nothing people will surely die. You cannot just stand there doing nothing.’

Me: ‘But what if those things we do end up causing more damage, or killing more people?’

Many years ago, my father said to me:

‘You will always be blamed for failures of omission, rather than commission.’

At the time I was young, I knew everything, and thought he was talking rubbish. In truth I didn’t really understand his point. Now that I know that… I know nothing, I fully understand how profound his comment was. I wish I had listened to him more.

Yes, doing something will always be looked on in a positive light. Effort has been made, decisions have been taken, activity carried out. In medicine this is reflected in a comment that I have had directed at me, from time to time. ‘At least you tried, doctor.’ Well, seeing as they are now dead, my efforts achieved very little. But thanks anyway.

In addition, if you do nothing, you can be accused of laziness, of being uncaring. You just stood there and watched them suffer, even die. You cruel swine.

Further Sources:


NIH - Deaths associated with newly launched SARS-CoV-2 vaccination (Comirnaty®)

UK Gov - Office for National Statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Stand In The Park

World Wide Freedom Rally



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