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"Dont Believe the Headlines" Organic Foods

LifeHakx - The Answer to "Buying organic food isn’t worth the cost."

By Eva Wisenbeck 24/11/2019

True or False? Buying organic food isn’t worth the cost.

Truth: Buying organic limits many pesticides and drugs, antibiotics etc, which will negatively impact your health

Solution: Buy organic when possible and do your best to avoid high risk produce. Don’t forget your local farmers, although it might not say organic it can be very well grown and produced.

Start with the yearly updated Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list for guidance as to which vegetables and fruits are the most heavily polluted with toxins.

Then move on to their Clean Fifteen list to see which vegetables and fruits are the safest to buy. This will give you a good starting point and guide you as to where to pay attention when shopping.

EWG, Environmental Working Group, Dirty Dozen:

EWG, Environmental Working Group, Clean Fifteen:

Also go to your local farmers market and farmers, talk to them, get to know them and how they farm. Just because it doesn’t have an organic label doesn’t mean it’s still not good for you. Get adventures, try new vegetables and different cuts of meat!

Buying what is in season can also help reduce the cost. And as I’m Swedish I love nothing better than ‘mother nature’ and a bit of (berry, mushroom…) foraging and pick-your-own. And maybe try to find a local course on foraging as there are so many “weeds” and plants that are both delicious and nutrition. Please, just make sure you stay safe and get guidance!

This is based on a wonderful article by the great Dr Josh Axe and his roundup of “The 11 Largest Nutrition Lies In the Media” for more details and links to the research papers and studies please look here:

If you are curious and would like more information about organic foods and the latest research here are some great resources.

Chris Kresser “Guess What? Organic Really Is Better.”

Chris Kresser “Is Organic Meat Better?”

Dr Mark Hyman “Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Oh My!”

“Is Organic food just a fad or a buzzword? This family doesn't eat organic food because it costs more than conventional food and it just isn't convenient. The Experiment. For the next two weeks this family decided to eat only organic and measure the effect.

Switzerland and Organics in Numbers

Bio Suisse, a private-sector organization, is the federation of Swiss organic farmers


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