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Happy Halloween!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

LifeHakx has decided to have some fun teasers my having famous movie lines or quotes. Let us know your favourites and we might use them and maybe even have you on the show! For more info and top expert tips and Hakx, check out our social media pages and email us if you'd like to get involved too!

Here is the link to the first movie teaser!

A sleepy coastal town holds a dark secret, one they have held on to for a century. Now as the waves wash upon the shore, the past is about to roll in and its coming with the Fog.

The movie quote is from John Carpenter's "The Fog" .


Meet The Team


Eva Wisenbeck

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Eva Wisenbeck is a Co-Presenter of LifeHakx & a Wellness Coach

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Mary Collins

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Mary Collins is the Creator and Presenter of LifeHakx Media.

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