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LifeHakx & Love!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

This week starts us off on the month of February, with the focus on "Love".

Yes, we know it's cliché to cover "love" in February but here at LifeHakx Media, we try to make the best of a marketing stituaton... however don't expect it to be all a "bed of roses" and passion fruit mereingue (though we will have a bit of that too)!

This month will cover treats for you and your loved ones, with "Sugar Boxes",

"The Importance of Core Strengh & Kama Sutra"

"The Keys to the Bedroom with Hormones",

but also the subject of "Online Love Scams", an increasing issue in today's world of "lockdowns" and online dating.

So, for all you naysayers out there, or particulary scientific geeks or love fiends, climb aboard and lets go!

Podcasts & Video Interview Posts Starting February 7th!


Meet The Team


Eva Wisenbeck

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Eva Wisenbeck is a Co-Presenter of LifeHakx & a Wellness Coach

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Mary Collins

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Mary Collins is the Creator and Presenter of LifeHakx Media.

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