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Meerkat Madness as the pups are out!

Zoo Basel has it's hands full with the shear delight of the birth of Meerkat pups.

The pups are approximately six weeks old, though it is more difficult to ascertain exact dates as Meerkats tend to keep their young hidden in burrows until they are strong and curious enough to wander out with their mob. Meerkats are very social animals and live in large mobs.

A female gives birth after 11 weeks . The average litter is about 3- 4 pups (which are about a matchbox size at birth).

When the female goes out to forage the pups are babysat by a male or female and the entire mob help with the pups upbringing! Once the babies leave the burrow each pup is assigned a personal mentor! They are individually taught life skills, like where to dig for grubs, and how to disarm a scorpion!

To find out more about MeerKats and other baby animals, see here: Zoo Basel

Zoo Basel helps with the preservation of endangered species. The ability to research through observation and care has helped with the re-establishment of wildlife habitats and the sustainable re-introduction of animals back into the wild.

Your LifeHakx for this week is; Go experience this educational and priceless opportunity, visit Zoo Basel!


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