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Preparedness - stocking a pantry

Eva Wisenbeck 28/06/2021

Prepping = preparing for a future event!

Now, these can be any events and any future depending on your situation, where you live and how you live.

if you want to dip your toe in I recommend looking at your pantry and food situation.

It’s an easy way in and actually very sensible, after all if the pandemic and lockdowns has shown us anything it’s how easily our food supply (and toilet paper supply!) can become disrupted.

And yes maybe we have all become a little to used to having JustEat, ÜberEats etc at our beckon call…

Step 1 - Assess

Open your cupboards and drawers and ask yourself some questions, for example:

  • If I caught a ‘bug’ and had to stay in the house for 2 weeks what could I eat?

  • Do I have all the practical household things I might need?

  • Do I have some basic medication and first aid equipment?

  • Do I have a supply of any prescription medication I take?

  • If there is a power cut can I find my way around, could I still eat and drink, could I stay warm/cool?

Step 2 - Food

One can of course do meal prepping and fill a freezer for easy and quick meals and that’s a great start however it wouldn’t keep a family going for very long.

The other two big categories, and even more important for their longevity, I would say are tinned foods and dry foods such as grains and pulses.

There are a few things to learn and keep in mind such as that although nuts are a great food they can go rancid so not good for longterm storage and things like white rice stores for longer than brown rice again as brown rice can go off.

I’m not going to go into specialist ‘survivalist’ foods that keeps for years, think like camping foods in pouches, that’s for another day.

The article linked at the bottom is a good starting place to get you thinking and there are lots more articles and lists and suggestions online.

LifeHakx has also done previous podcasts and blogs around Personal Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Growing Veg and Sprouting Seeds and more, all which you can revisit on the website.

If this is a topic you’d like to learn more about there are many online resources, of course even better if you can find a local group to join. After all personal and hands-on experience trumps reading articles and watching videos.

Enjoy! Keep well! Stay ahead!

“The Prepared - Food list: How to build your survival pantry with long-lasting food from the supermarket“


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