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22/01/2019 By Mary Collins

Yamato Drummers of Japan are an absolute must see and hear! A vibrant musical with as much heart pounding action as there is booming and whimsical sounds! Here, in Basel from the 22nd of January, at The Musical Theatre Basel, and from the 29th in Theater 11 Zurich.

You are guaranteed fun for the whole family with audience participation (get ready to clap those hands and thrill your heart with the beat of every Taiko drum!). Colourful costumes, creative sets, and lighting, form brilliantly around the strong players who make lifting a 1.70-meter, 500 kilo Odaiko drum, look like a walk in the park!

 And it's not surprising that according to the crew info., each drummer loses 1-3 kilo body weight, each show! This exciting, experience will have your heart racing and feet stomping, and with the humour, effects of the cymbals, flute, drums and more, after seeing this show, you will also feel lighter and happier too!

"Wadaiko Yamato 和太鼓倭is a Japanese musical group of taiko drummers founded in 1993 by Masa Ogawa." Since its creation, the group has made over three thousand, six hundred (3600) live performances, to over six million people in more than 53 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas since its inception in 1993”.

The theme is Chousensshaor “The Challengers” tour, offering an anthem of encouragement to all to pursue life’s challenges with courage.

Beginning with the boom of a Taiko drum made from a big 400-year-old tree, the unmistakable sound used in Shinto rituals is challenged by Yamato, as they use their entire bodies to produce breath-taking beats. You can see the work, passion and professionalism of the players, highlighted by the excellent scenery, costumes  and special lighting effects.

There is something transcendental about the whole experience . At some points during the performance, the way the lighting hits the drummers drumsticks it seems multidimensional and wand like. The combination of the flute, shamisen, and small cymbals is hypnotic and euphoric.

Recommended for individuals, families, musicians and school trips of all ages!

Expect audience participation (all together), humour, imagination, uplifting, fun!

There are matinee tickets available as well as special discounts but please note that discounts may apply to certain dates only.

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