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Alpha Life with Tyler Clark from "S.A.S:Who Dares Wins!"

Tyler Clark is a figure competitor who competes in regional competitions alongside some of the best physiques in the UK. She eats, sleeps and breathes health and fitness!

Having struggled with weight and personal issues, it was only in 2016 that Tyler developed her interest in health and fitness. It was around this time, at nearly 16 stone that she discovered she was classified as "severely obese" after undergoing a diabetes test and knew then she had to completely change her lifestyle

"At the very beginning, it was back to basics. Nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. I grew so much from this experience that I decided to become a fully qualified personal trainer and body transformation coach, so that I could help other people achieve 'what seems' impossible."

In 2020 Tyler took on her biggest challenge yet, a recruit on SAS: WHO DARES WINS, to put her mental and physical self to the ultimate test. Tyler became the last female standing and a finalist on series 6 after making it through a 48 hour interrogation phase. Now known as the Alpha Female she is working on an Alpha Life Program so she can help other people develop a never quit attitude, so that they can be the strongest version of themselves both physically and mentally.

For more information about Tyler and how to join the Alpha Life Program, check below.

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