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Change is Coming Part 1 - Fact Recap

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

LifeHakx - Fact Recap

By Eva Wisenbeck 27/05/2022

Fact Recap

LifeHakx presenters, Mary Collins and Eva Wisenbeck rap up the LifeHakx radio season with a recap of pandemic specific events that may lead to a permanent change in humans rights, health, and more.

Listen to the audio here.

Watch the video here.

Change is Coming - Global Policies Part 2 here.

Change is Coming

In Part 2 we cover a selection of puzzle pieces, all ultimately leading to the introduction of things such as a 'One World Government' and Personal Global Digital IDs using Social Credit Systems with Programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

There are many many changes happening in different countries around the world and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up to date and even more so to grasp the bigger picture of all the various puzzle pieces coming together.

Is this of concern? That is for you to decide. For me it certainly warrants public debate and honesty and transparency. What is not enough is what we are currently offered, glib marketing slogans like, usability, ease, safety and "washing" words like save the world, address climate change etc and certainly not state or big tech censorship of discussions and differing views.

First though, let's take a look back over the two years and where they have left us!

Lockdown fallout - Children

Mental Health, Language and Social Skills

The Guardian, Younger children most affected by Covid lockdowns, new research finds. "Aggressive behaviour such as biting and hitting, feelings of struggling in class or being overwhelmed around large groups of children were among the difficulties reported by teachers during interviews.

Ruth Coleman, headteacher at Highfield school in Ipswich, said: When children returned to our nursery after the pandemic, many struggled with vital aspects of early years development, such as personal touch, or coping in bigger groups of children.

We saw more children who had separation anxiety from their parents too. Some children were further behind with speech and language development than we’d expect. Babies have been particularly anxious and have needed more reassurance from staff to cope with seeing different faces.

Children have missed out on hearing stories, singing and having conversations. One provider commented that children appear to have spent more time on screens and have started to speak in accents and voices that resemble the material they have watched."

NakedEmperorSubstack (with link to official OFSTED report), How Children were impacted by Lockdowns. "Delays in babies’ and [young] children’s speech and language development. For example, some have noticed that children have limited vocabulary or lack the confidence to speak. Also, some babies have struggled to respond to basic facial expressions, which may be due to reduced contact and interaction with others during the pandemic."

"Behaviour generally had deteriorated and become more juvenile, particularly in colleges. Social interaction between some learners was more limited and peer relationships more fraught. In some instances, this manifested in disrespectful and confrontational behaviour. Friendship groups were more limited than they may have been pre-pandemic. Many learners were experiencing mental health problems, including anxiety about taking external examinations."


The Guardian, Childhood obesity in England soars during pandemic. "Experts alarmed as NHS data shows one in four children in England aged 10 and 11 are obese. Overall, the proportion either overweight or obese was 27.7% in reception and 40.9% in year 6. It means four in 10 children leaving primary school are at increased risk of serious health conditions.

MailOnline, Europe's obesity crisis has reached 'epidemic proportions': Major WHO report blames food delivery apps like Deliveroo, social media and gaming for 60% of Europeans being too fat. "Children are likely to see 'influencers' endorsing foods high in fat, salt and sugar and as 'a highly credible and trusted source of information' and would change their dieting behaviour accordingly. More recent NHS figures found 255 out of every 1,000 ten and eleven year-olds were obese as of 2020/21, as were 144 out of every 1,000 four-and-five-year-olds."

Precocious or Early puberty

Since the pandemic started, doctors around the world say they’ve seen a substantial surge in the incidence of early puberty, with children as young as 5 developing breasts and those younger than 8 starting menstruation in some reported cases.

Early puberty is relatively uncommon, affecting nearly one in every 5,000 to 10,000 children, with a female to male ratio of approximately 10:1. The condition is known to augment depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and antisocial behavior.

The cause for the unprecedented rise in early puberty is unknown, but experts suspect it has to do with lifestyle changes related to lockdowns, such as stress, elevated electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, an unhealthy diet, low physical activity, increased obesity, elevated exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the home and poor sleep.

The Fuller Project, Early puberty cases have surged during covid, doctors say. "Sezer Acar, a pediatrician at Dr. Behçet Uz Children’s Hospital in Izmir and one of the authors of the study, said they decided to investigate what was going on after seeing a sharp rise in cases.

“Previously, we used to treat one or two patients a month due to precocious puberty, but during the lockdown period I had to treat two or three patients a week,” Acar said. “I asked my doctor friends in the city I lived in and in surrounding cities about this, and they also had noticed an increase in the frequency of precocious puberty.”

PubMed, Sedentary lifestyle and precocious puberty in girls during the COVID-19 pandemic: an Italian experience. "The study published in January of 2021 surveyed children across five Italian centers of pediatric endocrinology, and found that 328 girls were referred for suspected precocious puberty over seven months between March and September 2020, as opposed to 140 during the same period in 2019. The study concluded that there was an association between “the complex lifestyle changes related to the lockdown” and a higher incidence of precocious puberty in Italian girls, though no difference was observed in the incidence of early puberty among boys."

MailOnline, American girls are now reaching puberty as young as SIX in phenomenon scientists think may be linked to childhood obesity, chemicals in plastic and stress. "Stress has long believed to be a trigger for early puberty" as well, and researchers note that early puberties increased across the world during the pandemic.

One potential reason is the prevalence of obesity among American children, with one in five being an unhealthy weight. Some also believe that chemicals that help strengthen the durability of plastic could also be triggers.

"This early puberty can come with serious risks as well. They are more likely to suffer breast cancer or uterine cancer later in life, other studies have found. Rates of depression, anxiety, and other potential mental health issues are higher in girls who undergo an early puberty as well."

Lockdown Fallout - Emigration/Migration

GB News, New Zealanders ‘desperate to leave' as thousands flee ‘controlling and fearful’ Jacinda Ardern. "While tourists are starting to trickle into the country, Kiwis are fleeing the country en masse. Government officials have estimated 50,000 New Zealanders will flee the country over the next year as the borders reopen after two years of Covid-19 restricting travel.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Act Party leader David Seymour says Jacinda Ardern and her Government's policies have resulted in New Zealand experiencing a level of despair not seen for years."

Sweden, Black Sheep or True Evidence Based Medicine, Spring 2020

UnHerd, Swedish expert: why lockdowns are the wrong policy. Freddie Sayers speaks to Swedish Professor Johan Giesecke, who says that our UK policy is not driven by evidence

The Pulse, Here’s Why No One Wants to Talk About Sweden. "By the end of 2021, 56 countries had registered more deaths per capita from Covid-19 than Sweden. With regard to the restrictions that the rest of the world had put so much faith in — school closures, lockdowns, face masks, mass testing — Sweden had more or less gone in the opposite direction. Yet its results were not noticeably different from those of other countries. It was beginning to become increasingly clear that the political measures that had been deployed against the virus were of limited value. But no one spoke about this.

From a human perspective, it was easy to understand why so many were reluctant to face the numbers from Sweden. For the inevitable conclusion must be that millions of people had been denied their freedom, and millions of children had had their education disrupted, all for nothing."

Ivor Cummins, The Ultimate Covid19 Decoding - Everything Explained for the Layperson. "Title says it all. I went through my viral video of Sept 2020, which hit nearly 2 million views, got me in the New York Times, and got censored. I returning to it's content and re-analysing, I lay low the coronahysteria in ruthless hardcore fashion. Watch the checklist get ticked off!"

Microplastic, Fibres and Beads in Human Lungs and Blood

Microplastic fibres were found deep in the lower lungs of living human beings in almost every person sampled in a recent UK study.

The plastic dust and microscopic debris comprises the same plastics used to manufacture the ubiquitous surgical masks worn by hundreds of millions of people around the world as mandated by governments in an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Microplastics were detected in human blood for the first time in March, showing the particles can travel around the human body and may become embedded in organs. The impact on health is still to be determined.

Further Sources:

BBC - Coronavirus lockdown 'led to rise in anti-social behaviour' - police

The Washington Post - Road rage is up. How to deal with an angry driver — even if it’s you.

BBC - Lockdown saw 'inevitable' rise in domestic abuse, police say

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Stand In The Park

World Wide Freedom Rally



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