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Covid-19 Affects Zoo Basel

Zoo Basel is one of the most pleasurable places to visit in Basel and one of the most informative. Allowing the ability for individuals, families and schools to see exotic animals, learn about many species, their environments (including Flora & Fauna) and they get to explore this park like environment (a great way to exercise, learn and relax, all at the same time!) In March there was a press apero to talk about the current aquarium that hosts and protects many endangered types of fish and aquatic life. We also got to see and hear about the elephants and the best methods to care for them.

Zoo Basel does it's best to maintain humane and good care for all of its animals. The research work done by Zoo Basel has and will help with re- introduction of endangered animals to their natural environments when those environments can be stabilised and sustainable.

This was at the time news started to highlight the spread of the new Corona virus, Covid-19.

Here is the interview with Zoo Basel Veterinarian, Fabia Wyss explaining the measures put in place , and the information about the new team put together specifically for dealing with the virus, Covid-19.

Unfortunately, Zoo Basel has now closed to the public. However, you can still support their efforts by becoming a member, donating to the zoo and much more!

Check out the Zoo Basel website now:


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