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Dr. Mario Martinez Bio-Cognitive Hakx

Dr. Mario Martinez talks about culture and how it connects feelings and perception to peoples' immune system response. Ageing, pain and more can be affected and changed once we understand how these processes work .

"You are the CEO of 50 trillion cells"

Everything from the strength of your immune system to the ageing process can be affected by your cultural upbringing!

"Culture weaves a fabric around the world and it creates a fishbowl affect"

His organisation teaches people methods to make decisions the same way the immune system does with the "Empowerment Code".

Also, there are opportunities of mentorships for doctors, attorneys and anyone who is interested in how one can live like Centenarians (a person who has reached the age of 100 years).

It is also a great way to understand and be successful with relationships - "Guardians of The Heart"

Interview Part One;

Video HERE

Audio HERE

Dr.Martinez's top Bio-cognitive Hakx are;

  • Anything you repeat will be considered important for survival - if you repeat bad things the brain will make those thoughts and words important to survival, thus the brain and immune system will take them seriously .

  • Cognitive reasoning will look for things to confirm the thought process. You will find things in the environment to confirm thoughts whether negative or positive so think positively!

  • You cannot tell a person to calm down, stop drinking, be happy. It can actually have the opposite effect.

  • A code for safety is not to just say, "I'm safe" - be physical to anchor the emotion. Physically find something to lean on that is solid and then the brain knows that's the Mind Body Code for safety.

Dr Martinez's books are available including "The Mind Body Code" on Amazon HERE

There are courses available to learn more about Bio-cognitive science.

LifeHakx will be releasing Part Two discussing pandemics and how media can affect your immune system and how to improve your health and well being soon.

For more information about Dr. Martinez go to:

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