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Jens Kull Media Artist & XR Conceptualist

Jens Kull an XR Conceptual Artist from Switzerland talks to LifeHakX about art in todays world and where its going with "Virtual Realty" NFT investments, the "Metaverse" and more! Jens grew up in Switzerland within an artist's family. He discusses what it was like to grow up with artists and to develop his own style and take on art . Jens talks about the differences in his Swiss upbringing and his experiences in Mexico as well.

Jens Interview with LifeHakx Media

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Jens Kull was born into an Artists' family in Basel, Switzerland in 1975.

After attending University of Basel (Ethnology and Philosophy), he moved to Mexico City where he studied Photography, Visual Effects and Video Compositing. A decade ago he started to delve into "Virtual Reality" and managed to become an inspiring source for XR concepts and has helped many startups and companies to move into the age of "Extended Realities". Private and public contemporary art collections such as Colección FEMSA, Colección Jumex and Colección José Pinto have purchased his works.

In 2004 he received the INTERNATIONALER/MEDIEN/KUNST/PREIS in Karlsruhe (ZKM), and his work was purchased by the Monterrey Biennale FEMSA in 2007.

His creations and devices have been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark,

France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Russia, Chile, Brazil, U.S.A. and Mexico.

Currently he is working from Switzerland and collaborates with Mexico's oldest gallery, the "Galeria de Arte Mexicano - GAM", founded by Ines Amor and Diego Rivera in 1936. Jens has a wide network of Technologists, Musicians and Film makers he nourishes constantly with his refreshing take on aesthetics, storytelling and beauty.

You can find out more and keep updated on Jens art in the following links below

Instagram: @kulltur

Patreon: HERE


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