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Barbara Scholl HypnoKids Tools to Empower Parents

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Barbara Scholl from OMNI Hypnosis and HypnoKids, Switzerland talks about the wonderful uses of hypnotherapy especially when helping children with anxiety, concentration and more!

Barbara grew up in Switzerland, Brazil and the USA.In 2008 she completed the OMNI hypnosis training and in addition to therapeutic work at the OMNI Hypnosis Centre in Effretikon near Zurich, she teaches the HypnoKids® method on an international level. Barbara has a published best seller “Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents” published by GIGER Verlag (Wipf&Scholl) was launched in May 2020 and allows to understand in an easy to understand way how the subconscious is formed in childhood and how it can be revised in child hypnosis. The book also contains 40 international, exciting case studies and over 20 concrete tips for parents on how to strengthen their child in everyday life so that it can reach its full potential.

Her top "Hakx" and tips for parents:

To build a strong, positive connection understand Semantics

How you say something can make a difference in the understanding and outcome of the situation. For example, using the word "try" indirectly sends the subconscious the message that there is a lack of confidence or trust in the person it's directed to ( that the person isn't convinced you can do what was asked of you). If a father says to his son, "try to do well on your exams" He is telling his sons' subconscious that he lacks confidence that he will do well. Instead, point out something the child is good at and affirm success is possible. The father can say " You have done well in your work, you will do well in your exam".

Avoid Negations

Saying something like 'Don't trip' opens the subconscious mind to an order with negative words, especially in the middle of a sentence, it can throw off our brains and make it more difficult to understand, and can cause the opposite of the order.

Instead, say things like "Do, look where you are going, do walk carefully".

In One Ear and Straight to the Heart

Eavesdropping whether accidental or otherwise can be unhealthy for children. Protect them by watching your words. In todays troubling affairs, it's easy to get carried away, talking about world events, money worries or adult problems, but consider children, and the way they process information. Try not to let them overhear certain discussions- as they can be overwhelming. If something is out of your control, imagine how the child feels. Children exposed to too much news, worldly issues and privy to adult conversations have more chance

of anxiety, insomnia and the resurgence of infantile habits like nail biting, bed wetting, etc.

To help give your child comfort points try this:

Whenever the child is consumed in a positive activity, reading a book, playing with a pet, a happy, and or relaxing moment, put your hand on the opposite shoulder of their side (hand they write with) and say quietly, a positive word, like "lovely, calm, confident, worthy, perfect, loved,.' etc

NOTE: Avoid doing this when they are eating as it will make an "anchor" to eating as comfort. Do this for a few weeks (3-4) and then when the child is in a stressful situation (Post hypnotic anchor) repeat the positive words. do so as casually as possible with no explanation.

You will find then, the child can learn to use the comforting words to sooth themselves. Always use positive motivational words.

Positive Activities!

Lastly, "Cooking, painting, singing, sports, whatever it is, find positive activities that you can do with them to create a stronger bond"

Barbara teaches these skills and more in her HypnoKids course which is in three parts. The entire training is now available online, in English and German, and other languages .

In person classes are also available in the US, UK Switzerland and more.

Check out OMNI Hypnosis and Hypnokids.

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OMNI Hypnosis

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