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Mad Hatter Part 3 - Mad Laws

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

LifeHakx - Mad Laws

By Eva Wisenbeck 09/01/2022

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

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Mad Hatter Part 1 here

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Mad Laws and Context

Let us start with some context for our favourite bug that we lovingly call the SeeYouNextTuesday disease, or as we hopefully won't be censored here (!) Covid-19.

There are 3 statements worth repeating:

  1. 0.096% was your average risk of death in the UK if you tested positive for Covid-19 back in autumn 2021. Now with Omicrom that number will be far lower.

  2. 82 or 83 years is the average age of death with (not necessarily from or of, but with) Covid-19. This is on par with life expectancy in most Western countries.

  3. None of the existing Covid-19 injections stops infection or onward spread, not from 1 or 2 or 3 injections or indeed 4 which is the current schedule in some countries. In fact more and more data are showing that you are more likely to get infected after 3 than if you have none.

On the 3rd point there are so many examples, during our chat we mentioned Denmark so I'll share a link here with more information. Then there are of course many new stories such as this cruise and this US university. Too many to mention...

Right, so in the context of the above points let go through a few Mad Laws:

  • Austria - Mandatory "full" vaccination for all citizens coming soon.

  • Australia - Triple vaccinated with negative tests but identified as a "close contact" are forcefully removed from their homes and placed in state run quarantine camps. No appeal, no way out, the powers to be decide how long you stay.

  • Greece - All over 60s will be fined €100 per month if they are not vaccinated.

  • Italy - Holding a vote in January to make vaccination mandatory for everyone over the age of 50. Also making it illegal to go to any place of work if not vaccinated, a negative test is no longer good enough nor is naturally acquired immunity.

  • US, New York - All children over the age of 4 and adults must show a vaccine passport for any indoor activity such as eating out with family or school trips.

  • Germany - I wanted to share the link to the very tragic story we mentioned of the husband who killed his wife and 3 young children before committing suicide after they feared the wife's forged vaccine passport enabling her to still go to work was discovered by her boss. What have we allowed our society to become?!

Sadly this is merely the tip of the iceberg of Mad Laws, I urge you to look further into Canada, France, Lithuania, Germany and more. Again, don't expect Google and mainstream legacy media to return any complete searches, for this you will have to use other platforms such as Duck Duck Go, Yandex, Substack, Gettr, Gab, BitChute, Rumble, BrandNewTube...

Please ask questions! Please Hold The Line!


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