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Maya Notkovitch Style Hakx

Fashionista and Stylist Expert Maya Notkovitch shares some top tips and hakx on finding your unique look and how first impressions can make or break a relationship!

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In Maya's words...

Are you aware of the fact that It takes a person a total of 2 seconds to form an opinion about you?
After which, they will spend the rest of the time, subconsciously justifying to themselves what they have already decided.
That's where I come in.
I'm your guide to the most refined and accurate version of your image, your sharpest exterior and your highest self esteem, so that you make the most of your 2 seconds while working the room.
I guide individuals and organizations, businesses and companies to their finest appearance, expressing their strengths and core qualities, the value they bring to the table, the message they chose to broadcast to the world in every interaction and interface.
You are a walking talking business card of the superior value you bring to the table. Marketing and networking are effortless, people approach you! You stand out, while every one else is "more of the same".


My romance with personal esthetics and image began early on. I was brought up by an image phenomenon, my so called "regular" mother in USSR. Since then and all through my professional life as a project manager in the Bio Med industry and a trained Life Coach, I have realized that the impact you make when entering a room stays! This is why I've decided to dedicate my career in the past years to inspire as many individuals as I possibly can to use accurate personal esthetics in order to reflect their inner selves as well as their life goals, looking as the extraordinary value they claim to bring to the table.


* Individual image concept and visual evolution from within, for business owners and high ranking executives.

* Executive image consulting

* Image concept for high profile events

* Image prep for career shifts

* Image and styling workshops

* Key note lectures


I am a 43 year young mother of 4, born in USSR, soviet by nature Israeli by temper, married to an Argentinian. When I'm not bringing my thunder to one's image at a time, I enjoy a good movie, a great book, eclectic music, wishing to be able to write that I enjoy a good run, but I don't :)

►Contact me if you wish to look exceptional, unique and unforgettable - Business wo/men, business owners, companies or executives.


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Eva Wisenbeck is a Co-Presenter of LifeHakx & a Wellness Coach

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Mary Collins is the Creator and Presenter of LifeHakx Media.

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