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New Autumn Arrivals at Zoo Basel

Zoo Basel has the pleasure to announce and show off their two new babies!

The new addition to the Chimp house at Zoo Basel is Fifi's son Quebo. Little Quebo, was born on 6 October. The chimpanzee group now consists of 15 members. The subspecies of the "Western Chimpanzees" lives in Basel. It occurs in West Africa and is classified by the IUCN as endangered (CR = critically endangered). The reasons are habitat loss and hunting.

The Basel Zoo has supported the "Okapi Conservation Project" for more than 30 years. On-site gamekeepers are not only trained to protect the wildlife, but also support the indigenous population.

"On October 30th, an Okapi was born in Zoo Basel. Okapis are very rare in nature and in zoos". Quinta weighed almost 30 kilograms and was not on his feet 20 minutes after birth. Only 76 animals live in the Europe-wide 27 zoos, which hold Okapis and for the kind a maintenance breeding program (EEP) lead. Even in nature okapis are very rare: according to the red list of the World Conservation Organisation (IUCN), the okapi is classified as highly endangered (very high risk of extinction in nature in the immediate future).

As the weather turns colder and the leaves change, Zoo Basel is a wonderful place to stroll through and observe the animals and also warm up in the various enclosures too! If it gets cold enough (-5) and you get to Zoo Basel early enough you may have the chance to see the penguins going for a walk through the zoo grounds!

Zoo Basel offers wonderful membership deals, including single, couple and family yearly passes. You pay a yearly membership and can then visit the zoo as much as you like. Check here for further information:


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