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Online Dating : The Pros/Cons & Love Scammers!

Helen Rudinsky the creator of Expat Counseling Switzerland gives us some top tips and Lifehakx on Online dating and how not to be tricked by online scammers pretending to look for love!

Online Dating-Lots of successful matches, but also lots of scams! Many have found a lifelong partner, but others were not so lucky. Learn more about how to avoid the pitfalls of online dating here.

To avoid being scammed, be sure to ask to move your interaction to Skype after a few emails. Most scammers will have an excuse not to meet you via video because they know they will be found out.

Do not get pulled into being a pen pal with someone. emailing endlessly without seeing who they really are.

Do not send any money to someone you have never met.

Often scammers will pretend to be coming to visit you and then they are "robbed" in the airport and ask you to wire them money.

Many online dating agencies have as many fake profiles as they have real profiles, so you must be very diligent to weed through the fake ones.

If done right, online dating can provide you will many more potential matches than you can meet in your location increasing your chance of finding a good match! But be wise and be careful.

Listen to the audio version of the interview here

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