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The Gay Beggars Theatre Group Perform Virtually!

LifeHakx Media interviews Soraya Streib Ladner, one of the performers of The Gay Beggars Theatre group, who tells us all about the process and details of their first ever "virtual" performance!

Since the start of the "Pandemic" has halted mostly all group activities, and created chaos and distress for all, (especially the theatre and performance groups), The artistic community has had to think of alternatives to "live" meet- ups and performances. The Merry Wives of Corona is the first installment of the Beggars go Zoom series of online plays.

The world, now, more than ever needs release and culture, and with that The Gay Beggars members have come up with a way to make this happen, at least virtually for now. They have painsakenly organised rehearsals over the internet and through Zoom, devised a plan to re-create a Shakespeare classic "The Merry Wives of Windsor" with a tongue in cheek twist!

"The Merry Wives of Corona follows a theatre group who have been shut down by Covid-19 trying to figure out if they can perform Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor on Zoom. "

Shakespeare has always been open to creative interpretation and the attempt to perform and direct an entire play from "online" is impressive and a wonderful form of adaptivity.

For the first time ever, people from all over the globe can book to see the performance (with a limit of 500 per show) as to where they previously had performed in a relatively small theatre.

Also, because of the hardship that this pandemic has brought locally, and throughout the world, The Gay Beggars Theatre group have offered the option for viewers to donate or request (through an email to for the waiver of entrance/viewing fee.

Listen to the LifeHakx Interview Here!

Dates & Times for the shows : (Time in CET)

Premiere: Friday, May 7th 8 pm 2nd Show: Sunday, May 9th 5pm 3rd Show: Tuesday, May 11th 8pm 4th Show: Thursday, May 13th 8pm Dernière: Saturday, May 15th 8pm

Buying tickets

To buy a ticket, press the button below, which will take you to our Ko-fi page. There, you can press ‘donate’ to give us whatever amount of money you see fit (please note that the currency is in GBP). Payment works via PayPal. After having donated, you will receive an automatically generated mail (subject line “The Gay Beggars has a quick message for you! 💌”), which will include a link to the Zoom sign-up. If you have any questions or would prefer to pay without PayPal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Book Now HERE!

More information available at:

Please check back with LifeHax Media for our review on the event!

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