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The Monsters Inside You!

Dr. Friderike Wiechel Talks about the "Monsters Inside You", Parasites! Feeling tired, depressed, achey, have a poor metabolism? All these symptoms and more could be due to parasites living in you. We all have parasites and most have a symbiotic relationship with us (the host) however some parasites can over populate and cause and imbalance in the body causing illness, and lead to terminal conditions such as cancer, heart failure and more. The Swiss Mountain Clinic has certified professionals and specialist diagnostics to firstly, figure out what is causing the symptoms and secondly how to treat them on an individual basis. For more information, check out : and for expert advice, great tips and "life hacks" check out our social media pages : Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Interview Premiere : May 30th, 2020

Three parasitic worms (from left): male blood fluke, which can range in size from 0.2 inches to 4 inches; tapeworm, which can grow up to 30 feet in length; and microfilaria. The images were color enhanced.

Interview with Dr.Wiechel Below


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