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USA's Adverse Events system (VAERS) caught throttling and deleting data!

Hi, I am Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88) and work as a professional Medical Coder.

Recently I have become intrigued and concerned about the use of the emergency issued vaccines, which have not been previously tested under the normal, strenuous procedures (That take years ).

I understand that in the case of emergencies certain measures are necessary but according to the risk factor data and now the adverse effect data, I am using my skill set to give everyone the real numbers of people who have had adverse reactions from one of the Covid Vaccines and give them the chance to decide for themselves what the "risk factor vs benefits" are.

On LifeHakx I will tell you more about how I follow and create accurate "predictive" adverse effects data, and what the VAERS/ Yellow Card, CDC and the news might not release objectively.

We are now in strange times. A time of "breakthroughs" in science, medicine and communication. We are also in a time of changing rules and regulations and "all of the above" will have serious and possibly permanent consequences.

Do not let time slip away, take the present and use it to make a future worth living for!

Watch Part One of the Interview:

Listen to Part One of the Interview HERE


Listen to Part Two HERE

Previous audits of VAERS data:

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