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Carla Kovach UK Author Hakx and New Book Release!

With all the distraction offered in todays world of social media, I had almost but forgotten the desire and luxury of reading a good book! I made it a mission to get back to my "roots" and the love of reading. I scoured the internet to find new, quality writers and books. I discovered a site called "The Fiction Cafe Book Club" where scrolling through reviews and excerpts I finally found an author that utterly appealed to me! Searching for a writing style close to Dean Koontz, full of mystery, suspense and truly a psychological thriller, I found Carla Kovach!

I could see the words written on the excerpt and I was completely enthralled from the beginning ! The Broken Ones, My first experience of Ms. Kovachs excellent writing, I reached out to her to find out a bit more! Below is both the video and audio interview, and includes an update on her upcoming release of Left Behind.

I can't wait to share the review on both books and follow her climb to success one story at a time!

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