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Hypnotist Anthony Jacquin "Mind Games" Part Two!

Anthony Jacquin talks about working online, how to market yourself, how to implement postive anchoring with family and "The Arrow Technique " by Freddy Jacquin. The Arrow Technique takes minutes to do and with no need to find the source of pain/truama and is very effective for physical pain, anxiety and more.

Video Interview HERE

Top Hakx-

  • Online is as good as in person

  • Learn to build relationships as your best marketing strategy.

  • Avoid Global "triggers" by viewing less news stories.

  • Engage in Breathwork and "make changes within a minute"

  • Impromtu Hypnosis for home to help diffuse an emotional situation.

  • Change the word "must" to the word "prefer" (for example "I'd prefer it if you'd take your plates to the kitchen/I'd prefer if you talk with me with a calmer demeanor"

  • Symbolism & Distraction to help with pain, anxiety, etc.,

  • Anthony's website HERE

  • Anthony's free videos on Subtrack: HERE

  • Youtube: HERE

  • Anthonys Book "Reality is Plastic" Impromtu Hypnosis : HERE

  • Jacquin Hypnosis Academy HERE

  • Free app by Freddy Jacquin:

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Eva Wisenbeck is a Co-Presenter of LifeHakx & a Wellness Coach

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Mary Collins is the Creator and Presenter of LifeHakx Media.

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