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Michelle Guiliano "Expat Culture Adaptation, Divorce and Empowerment"

Michelle Guiliano talks about life changing events such as divorce, cultural hierarchies and building a professional community helping women through... successfully!

Michelle Guiliano, an "Activator Coach" and TEDx Speaker talks about expat cultural shocks, divorce and empowerment.

We also discuss "Women Rock Switzerland" , Salt Consulting and "The Integrity System" along with upcoming events, and an upcoming book publication with amazing women throughout Switzerland.

Audio Interview HERE

Video Interview HERE

Here are some of Michelles' top tips for expats!

  • Look at your rights! Know the human rights of the country, married in, property, accounts, and resident in, also about the kids rights, parents rights, political rights, etc.,

  • Keep records!

  • Independent bank account.

  • Digital records.

  • New passwords.

  • Documented evidence kept outside of physical home and space.

  • Private journal (establish patterns of behaviour).

  • Getting away: Make a plan with various options and be prepared in advance!

  • Have support ! A few close friends you can trust, an organisation you can reach out to.

  • Name the crisis! The trauma of a life-changing event is difficult enough, but when a person is unable to call it what it is, it can be more difficult to address the situation and work through it systematically as well as emotionally.

  • Get a team for that crisis! Divorce, cancer, career change, life change, etc.,

  • Have a supportive team: This can be close friends, family and also professional outside sources who know how to work through the issues systematically.

To find out more about Michelle Guiliano, Salt Consulting & Communications, the 12 week "Integrity Works" program and Women Rock Switzerland, check out our links below!

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