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Our Expert Narrators of "The ScrewTape Letters"

"The ScrewTape Letters" by C.S. Lewis, was narrated voluntarily by a joint group of both professionals voice over actors and non actors. Today, we would like to highlight the professionals voice actors who have contributed their time to this project. LifeHakx Media and team are truly grateful and want you to meet these wonderfully talented people!

John Foutz

Award Winning Director, Writer, editor, podcaster, and VO artist

John has always been a creative person, making his first short film at age 12 and writing his first feature length screenplay by 18. After getting a degree in commercial art and advertising, he officially began his freelance career in 1996 as an illustrator/designer/photographer. Vector illustration led to 3D modeling and onto 3D animation while photography morphed into motion pictures. In 2003, John produced his first feature film (written and directed by a friend) followed by directing a series of feature films, music videos, and training videos. Over the years he has also worked as both producer and editor for networks such as Halogen, INSP, and Inspiration TV but enjoys working from his studio office best. While enjoying doing voice over since 1997, it wasn’t until 2015 that he decided to add a pro voice over booth to his studio and devote more time to promoting his voice capabilities.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling with his wife, collecting/creating sci-fi movie memorabilia, and watching TV and movies.

Skype: FoutzStudios

Emma Wilkes

Voice artist with home studio

REVIEW for "The Fibster" (extended monologue, The Inner Circle, Bristol, Jul '21): "... the ability you have to access intense emotions is quite incredible. That gave the climax of the piece an almost uncomfortable amount of truth." J R Parsonage, Director

Emma performed "Blue Raincoat" live at Chapel Arts, Cheltenham on Oct 14th. CLICK: (short film version) REVIEW: “Emma Wilkes’ performance is compelling, beautifully understated and utterly truthful.” Simon McBurney, actor, founder Complicité

Drew Hunt

Drew Hunt

With over 18 years experience working in tv news, Drew knows how to visually tell a compelling story. He has worked on a "lifestyle show", showcasing local businesses and people and won Edward R. Murrow Awards and three Georgia APME Awards. won the Regional 2017 Edward R. Murrow Award for Best News Documentary.

Drew competed in the "48 Hour Film Project" garnering several nominations including Best Cinematography and

Best Editing and awards including Best Picture and Best Director.

"I love making movies! Whether they are documentaries or narratives, even hype videos for the local roller derby team, I love to tell a good a story!"

TikTok: @voiceoversquatch

Mary Collins

"I have been a radio presenter for the past few years, and I am now also narrating, and doing voice-over work. I work with clients who want expressive, warm, and sultry tones with professional, timely results."

Mary Collins has worked as a multi media producer, director and writer for film and television and currently works on Radio X.

She is the creator of LifeHakx Media and

has also featured recently in "Simply Living France" where she gives advice as a columnist "Agony Aunt" and Hypnotherapist.

Anthony Jacquin is new to voice over acting however, is a vastly experienced hypnotist. He is the author of the book 'Reality is Plastic - The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis.' He teaches hypnosis and hypnotherapy at Jacquin Hypnosis Academy. He provides personal therapy and reality coaching to his private clients. As well as this he has been a hypnosis consultant on a variety of television shows, and now and again performs, mixing-up magic, mind games and mystery. His conviction is that your personal reality is a fiction, in a permanent state-of-flux, with the readiness potential to begin changing now.

Kate Foutz

Our youngest LifeHakx narrator, we welcome Kate Foutz !

Kate has gravitated towards the arts since she was little. Whether creating art in a plethora of mediums or acting in plays, commercials, re-enactments for television, or playing piano and writing scripts, Kate always finds her creative outlet and this time it’s voice over.

Peter Thias

Peter Thias (also credited as Pete Thias) is an actor who provided the voices for Troy, Tony, Gary, and the bodyguards from "Face to Face" in Heavy Rain. He has also had roles in movies, TV series, and video games such as Far Cry (2004), Babylon A.D. (2008), Beyond: Two Souls (2013), and Taken 3 (2014).


Extra credits to our narrators

Silvia SanMartin

Elisio Macamo

Lydia Zloto-Tabaka

Timothy Stitt


Meet The Team


Eva Wisenbeck

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Eva Wisenbeck is a Co-Presenter of LifeHakx & a Wellness Coach

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Mary Collins

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Mary Collins is the Creator and Presenter of LifeHakx Media.

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