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R.A.F Officer Gary Banford's Fight Against Cancer

R.A.F Officer Gary Banford talks to LifeHakx about his personal fight with cancer and the charities that he helps raise money for,while on the journey of survival and fitness.

Gary tells us about his Australian adventure where he raised money by riding across the country on a bike in a Scottish Kilt! Gary has also been on Ninja Warrior UK and now helps raise money for Abbie's Sparkle Foundation.

This is part one of the interview;

Video: here

Podcast: Here

You can find out more about Gary on;

Youtube Channel "Gary's Fight Against Cancer" : Here

Facebook: Gary Banford

Twitter: @gary_banford

Instagram: @gary_banford

Gary's Virgin Money Giving: Here

Abbie's Sparkle Foundation information: Here

Part two coming soon on our LifeHakx Media Youtube page: Here

"Gary Banford is an RAF serviceman who has

recently been diagnosed with inoperable, stage four,

oesophageal cancer.

He is the Squadron Warrant Officer on CXX (120)

Sqn in the Royal Air Force, flying as a Weapons

System Operator (Acoustics speciality) on the new Poseidon Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft Mark 1 (which is a Boeing 737 variant). Living in a small town called Forres which is close to RAF Lossiemouth in a beautiful part of North East of Scotland.

Supported by wife Selina, a police officer, and children Ben (15) and Lexie (12). He

has started live streaming on his Facebook page fitness challenges shared with

friends and followers. Mr Banford vowed to "get people moving" as helping others

has also helped him mentally cope with his condition. It all started due to COVID

restrictions cancelling his 50 th birthday celebrations and the initial diagnosis of his

cancer being the same week. He decided to do 50 repetitions of a given exercise

every day, this quickly became something that he thought others would join in with

and they did.

In the past Mr Banford cycled 1000km across the south of Australia wearing a kilt in

2016 to collect £4,500 for Macmillan after his father was diagnosed with the same

cancer as he is battling. 

Determined to make the most of his remaining time, he has since raised over

£26,000 and counting for Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation, a charity set up by Elgin

youngster Abbie Main before her death from cancer in December 2017.

Now, he has set up an online fundraising page to spread the word about “functional

fitness and how it can help in all aspects of life”


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