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Robert Knight "Robotics & The Future"

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Robert Knight is the Founder, robot hardware designer and team leader with over two decades of cutting-edge R&D experience. Expert at rapid robot development and now moving into commercialisation of AI integrated hardware. He is a team leader on the world's first commercially displayed robot fish and the world's most anatomically accurate humanoid robots. His robots have featured as centre pieces in major exhibitions (Robots - London Science Museum now touring worldwide) and the front cover of international design magazines (Wallpaper). Robert was also part of Team Mortis, a team which competed in Series 1-4 of Robot Wars. Consisting of members from Cambridge and Nottingham, they entered the main competition in those series with Mortis, one of the most technologically advanced robots to compete in the early series.

His company offers tutorials, support and customisation of all their designs spanning the tiniest details of mechanical assembly and software installation to the grand overview of how to integrate robot systems within society.

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