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Three Brothers, One Smart Technology to Change the World!

What happens to the left over fruit juice and beer of the world?

Why are scientists looking for ways to replace soya in animal feed?

How can an automated machine make a significant change in waste and make farmers and zoo keepers work much easier?

Three brothers can answer this and more!

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SmartBreed was founded by three dynamic brothers who complement each other perfectly in their interests, views and professional careers. Christoph worked for 4 years as a consultant for industry and technology companies and has experience in investment banking. Adrian holds a Master in Nanotechnology from both the University of Basel and Harvard and is currently working on his PHD in Bioengineering at the ETH Zurich. Patrik holds a Bachelor's degree in law from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

They developed a fully automated grasshopper breeding solutions to enable customers to breed their own insects with minimal effort. They adapted dry feed which is based on leftover high-fiber and local agricultural by-products, which the grasshoppers accept as complete feed.

Using sensors, it is now possible to automatically monitor and control the microclimate so that the grasshoppers feel comfortable and grow quickly.

Agricultural by-products that would end up in waste or biogas plants are converted by grasshoppers into high-quality proteins.

A breeding solution which enable breeders to breed insects themselves quickly, cost-effectively and easily. A completely thought-out breeding process, from egg laying and development to sorting, Grasshoppers help to close local cycles in a sustainable way. Because they can optimally utilize fiber-rich unused and surplus agricultural by-products and convert them into high-quality proteins, they are perfectly suited to making animal husbandry more sustainable and efficient.

Automated breeding allows grasshopper to be bred directly on the farm , where they can be used as an interesting alternative to soy or fish meal.

The grasshopper box empowers farmers at the local level to grow high-quality proteins themselves, bridging the gap between agricultural waste and food production.

More information about SmartBreed HERE


Meet The Team


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