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Trauma Recovery Holiday Survival Hack!

Micheles' advice for you!

Part two of Michele Rosenthal's "Coping with Trauma" gives you 7 top ways to deal with PTSD especially during the holidays.

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Michele' advice for you!

"The holidays are always a time of increased stress. Typically, in we spend more time with family, less time with self; more time socializing, less time revitalizing. It’s completely normal to experience an accelerated process of brain and energy drain. Naturally, this takes its toll on mental health.

But this year can be different for you! Rather than accept and surrender to the ‘inevitable stress’ of past years, you can be proactive in how you manage your experiences so that your mental health stays strong, empowered and resilient.

The following seven (inexpensive) tips can help you enjoy the holidays like a champ:

1. Plan your time – make sure you schedule in as much downtime as you need

2. Check your boundaries – be aware of how much you do or don’t let others’ intrude on your space

3. Train your brain – practice self-care that teaches your brain to re-regulate to peace and calm

4. Protect your limits – know when you’ve had enough (and feel comfortable saying, No!)

5. Be intentional – think through your choices ahead of time so that you say, Yes!, to only those invitations that matter most to you

6. Buddy up – engage an accountability partner to ensure you follow through on what matters to you.

With these seven elements in place you’ll be ready to experience reinforced mental health throughout the holiday season so that you shine as brightly as any holiday lights!"

Michele is an award-winning trauma/PTSD blogger, award-nominated author and keynote speaker and with role as a Trauma Recovery Specialist and Mental Health Advocate, founder of, post-trauma coach, host of Changing Direction radio and author of Your Life After Trauma, gives us top advice on understanding and helping with PTSD and more.

MICHELE ROSENTHAL | Trauma Recovery Specialist

Award-Nominated Author | Speaker | BCH, MPNLP, CPC, MFA

m: 1 561 531 1405



s: live:healmyptsd

a: 425 Greenwich Circle, #107, Jupiter, FL 33458

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